Reviews for "Album Cover Parodies 2"

wow lol i fucking sucked at this, i should start listening to something else besides kirby music

good thing I know my albums lol. I did pretty well and only got 3 wrong.

Havin' too much fun with the flashback musical memories to look for the keys :-) still laughing at myself at how many of the albums shown are still in my music collection today! Great Game!!!

I got almost all of them

It was interesting, I'll confess from the get-go that I am not the king of person these things are intended for as I don't religiously collect or gush over music as a collectible. I more or less just enjoy the music. So I can't readily offer critique on anything but the more basic of levels for the game. On that level it's pretty functional as a quizzing game, it's clear when you got an answer wrong, it's clear when you got one right, and even with my limited expertise I scored fairly well by basic test-taking techniques. The hidden content definitely feels like an accomplishment and the artwork is fun and in most cases worth a chuckle or two. The biggest fault I can speak to is that it felt like the introduction to each section was a little off since the more recent hipster tide caused vinyls to make a slight resurgence. But that's a minor thing so I wouldn't fret about it, it's not my cup of tea but from an outsider perspective it seems like you did well.