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Reviews for "Monstergirl Shantae (Futa ver.)"

Zedrin is god because this is godlike

Oh, this was the entire thing. I thought it was one of the animations at first.
Anyhow, let me get into the whole content.
Not sure what, but the slight change in fluff between the lesbian and futa version makes the scenes a bit differently perceived tbh. Not by a lot. Just that slight "Hm..." in the back of your head. Anyhow:

Overall, designs look rather good.
The proportions, placement and gravity are a bit all over the place. But: It manages to stay consistent within the animation. So it's not too distracting.
Just takes some time in certain scenes to figure out which way is what.

Sound and voices are pretty good. Didn't expect speech tbh, but it came off really well. Was pleasantly surprised. It does have a odd echo kinda thing to it.
There are also a few graphical glitches and clippings. But due to the style, they aren't very distracting. They are easy to gloss over.

Dialogue is okay. Very "porn". But, it's not trying to be anything else, so :P Doesn't overstay its welcome~
As for design choices: Think you should have made the genderswapped Rotty's dick a bit smaller. She's not very endowed when a girl. And yes, "magic" xD It just feels a bit inconsistent that she goes from "somewhat below average" to "well above average, borderline oversized".

Harpy Scene: Both flow well. Was nice to see that the overall theme stayed the same. See way too many of these where they genderswap a character, and suddenly it's a entirely different scene. (Tone wise I mean.) So, it was really great to see that both had a rather... "sensual" touch to it. Feels like the yuri variant has some slight angle issues though. In terms of how the vags reach and move. (like, there's quite a bit of liberty taken xD) Still, really nice that the overall position and all that stays the same. Looks really good so far. Handles breast physics quite well in the futa one. The main downside I found is that in the futa ver, it is one sided. Rotty cums, and Shantae is fine with being left cold turkey. (pun intended) And in the yuri version, it kinda... has build up to a climax, but it feels like it doesn't really happen? And/or that only Shantae came? That could have been a bit more consistent. Like, some splodge, or an audio queue. (the one in the futa was superb) Or just showing some contractions. The finish there felt a little weak. It was very close though.

Mermaid: This one does clash a lot in terms of the focus. Both do focus on large breasts. But the yuri version is all about pleasuring Shantae, while the futa one is all about Rotty.
This in turn makes the follow up dialogue clash. As: Shantae only got something in the yuri version. In the futa one, only Rotty got his rocks off xD Likewise: Not sure why you gave Shantae a pink pussy in this one, when her nipples are green. Still, design of it is pretty interesting. It did manage to even out as both scenes had a cumshot. Really good work on both build ups and finishes tbh.

Naga: Futa one is honestly very similar to the mermaid. Could have tried to differentiate them a bit more tbh. But: They are back on track in terms of doing the same thing. That is done VERY well here. Doing great use of the naga body. Lots of porn liberties taken, but hey: This is a time where "magic" works perfectly xD That said however: The yuri one has visible clippings and glitches here. Above the expected amount. And on that: Rotty's pussy is kinda changing shape and size between these. Could have tried to keep that a bit more consistent tbh. Really A+ work on the tongue work in both however. Just, tremendous. The futa one does win out in terms it's PoV, and; it has a bit higher effort put into it. But: Unlike most porn: It's not an insulting divide xD Both are great. It's more like, one is 9/10, the other is 7/10. Bit behind, but not a huge amount. (On average, it tends be like, a 9/10 futa version, and a 0,5/10 female. So, really glad this wasn't the case.) Likewise: The cumshot in the futa ver was better than the yuri. It lacked the "oomph" the futa had. Like: would have needed some more jizz. And more "impact". Like: Her push against's Shantae's head and squirt into her mouth and see some gush out. Or etc. Dunno if that makes sense, but hopefully coherent.

Drider: Rotty's breast shift size quite a bit in the futa version here. Also: It's not explained why Shantae turned into a dude for this scene. I know "magic". But it makes this rather inconsistent, and for seemingly no other reason than the "dick = dominant" trope+archetype. Doesn't feel like just shrugging "porn" works here. At least with this trying to have a narrative.
That aside: The scenes play side by side extremely well. Quite peculiar choice for genital placement. But guess I can see the reason for it. Though, again: It gives the genderswapped Shantae a psudo-hyper dick. Yet, when female: She has a barely existent pussy. It's borderline if that dick would even fit in that pussy xP So the sizes aren't very consistent at all. Which is a shame. Takes a bit out of it. But: The genitals are at least similar in terms of species. They are all very humanoid. Which is nice. As: Once again: People usually do a unique dick design for each form, then just copy pastes the one pussy they know onto everything.
But, regardless: EXCELLENT work on the motions on both of those. Very bondage and dominant. Keeping a close theme in both.
Though: Again: Sadly really dropped the ball here in terms of climax. The futa version has a LOT of oomph. He just shoves himself deep into Rotty, and there's a shitton of cum. Very high impact, visual and overall sound. Whereas the yuri version... has a great build up, then just... does a bit of a porn equivalence of a squeaky fart after an anime "charge up" scene. There's literally 0 splodge. She doesn't do any strong yank. It's more of a meek "choo, choo!" it could have been amazing if she just slammed down on Rotty and filled her up like the futa Shantae did. It just had a "Wait, that's it?". Like when the final boss is killed in a single QTE in a cutscene. So that was sadly a huge let down.

If some of the more notable quirks would be smoothed out, and the yuri version would get/have more "oomph", this would definitely be a 4,5. Easily. It does some really awesome stuff. But sadly, the shortcomings drag it down. I sadly can't rate it higher than the lowest score among the two. But a lot of the stuff in here is just really top notch.

With all that said: I can understand it taking you longer than expected.
I have been there myself heh. Getting too eager with a project, and planning way too much.
Animating the in betweens would have been way, waaaay too much work if you ask me. I can suggest doing it as a comic next time however. Like, just show the pages, then swap to animation for the action, and show the in between as a comic. Maybe a more chibi style.

Still: It's a really solid piece of work. There is clearly a "superior version" of the two sadly.
But as said: I am glad that the lesbian one manages to at least keep up. I think this is literally the first time I see a female variant of a porn animation, that isn't just a half-assed, vastly inferior edit. I have seen like... 3 comics in my over a decade as a critic in this 18+ community, that has managed to pull that off. Like, the amount of people that seriously think a ~2 minute edit pussy is on par with a 4 hour dick that's in the original does baffle me...

Anyhow: In case you do something like this in the future: I will be VERY interested to see where that goes. You got real potential in this. Would be cool if you managed to become the first yuri+futa animator that actually manages to produce matching, acceptable quality. (If there actually is one out there atm, I would also be very interested in hearing about them too xD)

so cute


smooth .. audio quality is good too 10/10 for me