Reviews for "‘Krampus: Home for the Holidays’ - Short Christmas Horror Animation"

Nice job =) Animation looks great. The style and the story is amazing as well =)

TraineeArtist responds:

Thanks very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Well done!
Graphics may be dated, but its still a good watch regardless.

TraineeArtist responds:

Yeah, definitely an area I'll have to look into improving in the future.
Thanks, and have a great Christmas!

if i was her i would punch krampus in the face

TraineeArtist responds:

Haha, worth a try

Very nice, seems like the audio might have been a bit out of sync when he jumped down. But definitely no fault to the story, pacing, or visuals. Very good overall.

TraineeArtist responds:

Thank you, I really appreciate that! And agreed, audio's something I'll be looking into improving in the future.
Happy new year!

This had a good story.
It grabbed your attention and held onto it.

Animation was great.
The character design could use some improvement though.
I enjoyed this.

TraineeArtist responds:

Thanks very much, I'm glad you liked it! And definitely, I first started this a while ago and have since then learnt a lot about character design, so it's definitely an area I will improve for the future. Thanks again and happy new year!