Reviews for "Flesh To Stone"

Great game.. I really enjoy these types of games and the concept is very great as well.. The only thing i could say is it lacks enemy variety.. and could you make it so that the map gets bigger as the game progresses and multiple blue squares can be present at once so that reaching a high score feels more progressive and makes the game even more intense the higher your score is..

That's all i could say, It is already a great game as it is. Keep up the great work man!

a very fun and simple game, dodge the enemies, watch out for the beams, hold shift as quickly as you can before getting hit! good job with the game, man. keep it up :)

I came from the sequel and wow. The sequel is a lot better then this, nice improvement from an endless game to a good game with levels!

Simple and fun! I really enjoyed how much you made two single game mechanics work well with the enemies/hazards.

For what this game is and the amount of time put into it, there's not feedback I have to offer. If you decided to spend more time on it, it'd be fun to have upgrades and all that jazz. But that's just my personal preference and may not be something you'd want to do.

Thanks for making this!

Interesting concept!