Reviews for "Flesh To Stone"

Simple and fun! I really enjoyed how much you made two single game mechanics work well with the enemies/hazards.

For what this game is and the amount of time put into it, there's not feedback I have to offer. If you decided to spend more time on it, it'd be fun to have upgrades and all that jazz. But that's just my personal preference and may not be something you'd want to do.

Thanks for making this!

Simple concept, but well done on applying the theme "shapeshift" to your game! Always had to be aware of those blue lasers and transform into stone in those critical moments, but other than that I didn*t really need to shapeshift too much. The stage looks a little bit boring but is quickly spiced up with all sorts of different things that can inflict damage upon you. Oof#

Either way, neat concept! As I always suggest in my reviews, I'll mention it again: adding more features to the game is a great option if you want to focus on a game and see it improve over time, though you can just create a totally different game where you have different standards.

Everything seems fine with the game, but I'd a little bit more "eye-candy" to it, with various other stages, customizable characters etc. ;)