Reviews for "MiniGiants.io"


Great game,the different types of equipments and characters really hook you in,after a while,it's like a endless treasure hunt you never want to end

Every bit of the whining Ive read in prior reviews is either from bad players or isnt even something that happens.. for example the guy saying he gets camped.. spawn locations are completely random are you an idiot?.

Fun game highly addictive.. being level 20 is god mode lol

Me gusta mucho el jugo pero, he ayer jugé varias horas y tuve muchas cosas pero hoy comenzado desde 0... es normal?

its fun but i don't think it's online right? it's just seems like it would be a lot funner with other actual players, it gets boring after you reach lvl 20 and once your there for like 2 hours it's just endless patterns of the same ai movements.