Reviews for "The Allies! - D-Day"


Keep up the great work, dude.

Twin-Tales responds:

Thanks! Will do! :)

Excellent claymation.
The story was great and easy to follow.

I also liked all the blood and gore.

Twin-Tales responds:

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

Really well done! Was this actual claymations? Or 3d pseudoclaymation?

Either way, I really enjoyed the product. It's oddly lighthearted for such brutal and gritty subject matter.

Can't wait for episode 2!

Twin-Tales responds:

Glad you liked it! 100% claymation! :)

War is coming... with all of its glory, and all of its. . . Playdoh? *record scratch sound effect* Dude. Please make more. Absolutely fantastic. This was great. I love the jab at Christ. I'm a Huge ww2 geek so this was right up my allie. Get it? I really think Clay was a great choice for something like this, as it is conducive to the gore and it's also a great comedic juxtaposition for such a serious topic matter. One quick idea you can maybe use or more likely you can tell me to go fuck myself: If you decide to make this a series, (which you should,) you should have a Mr. Bill Type character who gets blown the fucked up, tortured, gimped, Mangled, Ran over by a tank, and basically fucked up beyond recognition every episode --only to return with maybe only a couple of scratches but otherwise fresh and ready for combat duty the next episode. Give him a ridiculous catch phrase. I think that would be hilarious.


USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! *gets head shot, claymation brains fly everywhere*

Twin-Tales responds:

We are soon finished writing episode 2, so there will be more of this! We are also huge history/ww2 nerds so it's really fun to make these animations.

Your idea is actually pretty funny xD. A character who always gets badly hurt and then shows up with just a bruise could be a really funny joke.