Reviews for "Coming to Grips with Christine (Full Game)"

very good

Guys, this is just awesome =)

Personally I didnt enoyed it as much as the previous games. It hs great story but it looks a little "quicker" than the other game. The "episode mode" made the whole thing feel like five seperate parts(Even though in "Darkness falls it is positive because it makes you feel like you watch a series). I enjoyed the "one game with start and end" more. I have not discovered a "game over" here either while all of the other games had. Maybe the presure from having to make a part each month affected it.

But like always it is an amazing game(even though not as good as the previous) and I am looking forward for the next one!!! Your stories are always amazing!!!The images as well!!! I am enjoyed them and I look forward for the next

I'm glad this is complete, and the first two chapters were 5/5 so there's no reason that the complete set which has additional content should be anything less than that, but it is worth mentioning there are things which become increasingly painful as the game gets longer, like jumping to a specific section of the story either because it was entertaining or to unlock a new ending or achievement. Personally I really like sorting the game into chapters and having specific achievements for each chapter, it helps make the game a little more digestible to not have to worry about decisions at the beginning of the game affecting the possible endings, and to know when a certain area of the game is fully explored.

I can't wait to see what happens next with Keeley. Loved the multiple good endings.