Reviews for "Jetpack Jack (demo)"

I had fun with it! Make some more levels!

this was gr8, hope to see the full ver. soon

the game looks really good. Its longer than your other games. Its just super good.

The beginning was pretty hard, and it is the main thing in the demo in my opinion, the demo is pretty good... but still not best, im still laughing at pikachuba... xD
well anyways the game is pretty good for an demo. 3.5 stars.
The story is pretty simple, same goes for everything. Also i see the characters are hand made (Some of them) or made in other program, or even drawn in the game engine.
The bad things is the feeling like you are alone with those creatures, pikachuba, etc..
The game needs something more alive, that make player feel that he isnt alone with those monsters. (My opinion)

I hope this game will be awesome when it will be finished or almost finished!

It's an okay game. It may need some refining with the art and graphics, but the lore is pretty good.