Reviews for "DED NOTE (Death Note Parody)"


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That was interesting. Some funny bits, but very random. The kind of parody that doesn't really parody the source material, more just takes it and messes around. All the freak-outs were pretty nice, and I couldn't help but find the potato chip one with the news guy funny, because it was referencing Light's recurring dramatic reactions and his killing of news people. Some of the random jokes were pretty nice too, like Ryuk being Light's god, and the threesome thing I guess, L's weirdness and Light's childishness. The ending just kinda got me you know. A problem was that a lot of it was hard to understand, like the girl's weird scream line and I still don't get what "same" amount of people Ryuk could kill.
Keep it up, but maybe try to parody actual flaws in the source material more and try to make the lines more understandable.

SilentChimaru responds:

Thank's for the feedback!