Reviews for "Kill The Stick 2"

Ah, this takes me back to 2006...

That's not a point in it's favour though.

Easiest medals ever loved the music and game good game if you want to spent a few minutes on

aidannibbles responds:

Thanks. I will try harder next time

There isn't alot of variety and only 3 ways to kill him
The art and animation i don't mind since i can't draw :D
Next time try to :
Add more ways to kill him (Poison, Grenade, Truck, a C4, a Nuclear bomb and the list goes on)
Try to make a way to kill him in more steps then one. For an example throw him in the air and slice him up with a katana or shoot him with tranquilizer dart, wait for the effect to kick in, then throw him into a spike pit or whatever.

aidannibbles responds:

Ok i will try. Sorry