Reviews for "Kill The Stick 2"

I haven't really been on the site for a long time to know this but I'm assuming this is one of those, "Free medal" games. Kind of poorly made, but thanks for the medals I guess.. I'm also not sure if this is against the rules or not as well so I don't advise you make the secret medals easy to get, like at least make something like a tiny button appear for 5 seconds during one of the death scenes, and the player would have to find it and a different easter egg death scene would play, like other stick figure death penalty games.

may I ask why you made this?

mmyesh this is pretty ok

secret badges makes no sense still cool though

this was so fun ounce i finished all the buttons and found out there was no easter eggs i was sad then but please make more button click games like this ! you did great work and the medals are awesome to have!