Reviews for "Kill The Stick 2"

thx for the medals

i'm fine with these choice things but to make them you NEED some good animation, there are many types of games or animation that aren't purely reliant on having good animations like a platformer, or just a game and not selection of clips that are supposed to be violent, it is smooth animation though, even if the art is eh not good for this stuff. it is visually pleasing just not like ooh i wanna watch i murder(which sounds worse than what i meant) also good music choice and actully has achievements but that is polish that should usually come after a good game

not even a game..

It's not bad but it does lack content. Good as a kill stick concept, I used to love stick games. Maybe you can get more creative in the future?

I did some testing with uMatrix & Disconnect with this game. It turns out unblocking www.ngads.com allows medals to be unlocked correctly. If you really don't like ads ( & trackers & all other sorts of nasty stuff), then I guess this is the way to go. You have to specifically unblock the "Others" part if you have uMatrix ( My review got messed up in an attempt to edit it, so maybe unblock the cookies as well). If you don't, then just unblock ads since the NG API is connected to it (If you don't care & just want to support Newgrounds).

Anyway this flash needs work. It's an improvement over the last one. But let's be honest, this game got higher ratings because of the medals. You could have at least made it more difficult to obtain them; especially since they are supposed to be "Secret" medals. Now people are just going to rate higher to preserve their medals.

Work on your animation skills & come back with better ideas.

aidannibbles responds:

I will try better next time. Thanks.