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Reviews for "The Artist Migration"

Wait a minute there's porn on Newgrounds? learning something new each day.

This is lewd

Genuinely laughed at the little quirks the different representations of the websites had, like Twitter having an entire sidebar of lewd quotes and Pixiv having tentacles.
I usually don't rate porn on here, but that ending really caught me off guard, in a good way. It was really sweet, something you never really see much on here in the A-rated category. Not to mention topical of what's still going on, especially with Tumblr actually shutting down NSFW content yesterday. And all other content, apparently, since a lot of artists that don't even draw porn are moving outta there.
Personally, I do have some issues with some of the artists newer to the site not properly rating porn (and the flood of A and M-rated titties of varying quality flooding the portal and art section, but I doubt they mean to flood it on purpose), but I'm still glad a lot of artists feel good and welcome here. I hope the newcomers enjoy this site for everything it has to offer!

added comedy makes it 5 stars lol

Good one