Reviews for "The Artist Migration"

Just a tad too short on the Adult segment, but nonetheless, it's a great animation. I'm just glad the artists can find a place to post their work.

That was an unexpectedly cute ending that I did not expect. Usually stories like this would end with her getting fucked whether or not she was okay with it, but in this case she's the one with the dirty mind! And the other sites are basically like "Fuck you? Of course not, we're professionals who respect you as an artist and as a human being with personal autonomy, why would we ever do something like that?" So basically the total opposite of most porn characters, lol.

That was a nice and wholesome plot twist. I found you a few months back through your HeartSwitch animation. It's a real shame what happened to Tumblr.

Derpixon responds:

Thank you! The show must go on, darling!

that some good plot twist at the end there.. a happy ending..
(although the NSFW part i can relate to some artist i know on internet)

great animation.. and of course im familiar with the female character artstyle because this is Derpixon. first time i see derpixon art was back in 2017.

master, of suspense, so intense his skill is enormous, orchestrated brilliant performance the best mamma jamma who directs behind the camera scripts that he write ain't the... Cleanest But when he make vids he's the... Meanest A bad motherfucker from the wallet to the penis