Reviews for "The Artist Migration"

added comedy makes it 5 stars lol

5 star for my raing, keep it up!!

good animation and the proportions are good too!!

The missionary position scene has too much bounce which takes away from the impact but good work on the fluid there. Good work showing the impact of the thrusts during the anal nelson position scene. Nice touch with the shaking/quivering during the ahegao section. The one holding their dick in the background of the spitroast scene felt really out of place because it wasn't moving. I also notice that most of the dicks in this animation have the appearance of being a dildo rather than being something attached to a living being. And the orgasm fluid could use some transparency to give the impression that these are matured men and not pubescent boys.
7/10 - Animation is a harsh industry, but you've shown the world that you've got the chops to do it. Also it's good to see you have a fair sense of humor; that's important to your health and the health of your works. I'll be keeping an eye on your work; you show great potential waiting to blossom forth and stun the masses.

Yeee all inclusive..... Heh