Reviews for "how you like these?"

Very good,but....

there are some minor problems, like the hand that is giving the balance to the character, it's design is kinda strange.
And the shape of some parts of the body are kinda strange too.

But besides that, it's a nice piece of work.

wow i really like your style!

i am sorry but i cant give u any good critisism cause i cant find any critisism!
i am working and trying to learn how to draw nipples and this is gonna go to my faves cause its a great inspire!
sorry for my bad english and keep doing art cause ur great!


The hands don't go with the rest of her body, they are far to skinny, look at different examples of hands and try again.


Now im gonna run full sprint at her with my pants down.
From the front?Maye behind?


iz that zelda?