Reviews for "how you like these?"

This most certainly is a beautiful piece

I love her expression and the waves of her hair. She looks to have a flexible body, but I really love the hands. Another good thing is that her breasts actually has a form and weight to them. Very nice work.

wow wasnt expecting to see tits

when i looked at the thumbnail i was like "oh this looks like anime i think ill check it out" then i clicked it and BAM! there were a pair of tits in my face it was unexpected but not unappreciated, and may i say you have a unique style of doing faces and eyes they are beautiful and hypnotizing at the same time


what about the mark on her arm, is she supposed to be an android? robot?

nice titts, ok face ;)

xIZRAx responds:

yup. android

Very Much

I like them very much.

Awesome job


she looks like the leading girl from the 1st season of zoids.. only sexier and nude...