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Reviews for "Planaris 2"

The game looked quite promising with its simple yet interesting mechanics but for some reason I couldn't get past the tutorial even after completing it twice!

Edit: I did get a "level cleared" sort of popup showing the score but after jumping over to the world map, the next level was still locked.

BryceSummer responds:

Hmm... That's odd -- did it have the popup that said "Objective Complete" for the tutorial level after you finished all the steps?

-too many levels
-some of the levels are retarded
-constant spam of locks and their placement in crucial spots
-the planning is ridiculously limited, the game should be called "improvisaris"
-getting the star requirements is slow, tedious and arduous task, then you get to 68k points out of 70k required, and then fuck you player, you lose
-as a matter of fact 98% of objectives are "get the amount of points" which is boring
-no restart option, instead I have to go through the boring gameover screen
-no challenge whatsoever, pure luck