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Reviews for "Planaris 2"

Excellent, I'm a big fan of tetris games and this one is both new in gameplay and addictive. However, I've had an issue with saves...I wonder if Newgrounds keeps a save on accounts or if I'll have to start over everytime I try to play because that's what happened lately :/

BryceSummer responds:

Hey thanks! Unfortunately newgrounds seems to lose everyone's saves when I upload a new update(to fix bugs and whatnot). The last update I did I added a feature (accessible from the button on the top left area of the world map) to let you manually backup your own save data.

I've had the same problem as Balthazarn, plus a few of your medals seem to be broken. I've mastered not 3 but 12 levels, cleared four and five rows simultaneously (thank you pyramid), but none of those particular medals have unlocked. The first 5 medals worked, but these three haven't.

BryceSummer responds:

Hmm.. Thanks for the report!

The concept is interesting! I thought they had done everything you could with tetris...

gota love the tetris style of game play here as well as the maps and muses man this was pretty well layed out keep it up!~ <3

I started playing this last year but them my school blocked newgrounds and i love this game ok i hate it at the same time