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Reviews for "Planaris 2"

Really a nice time waster, relaxing and feels well made, solid.

Through my progress isn't saved. Is it just me? Could it have something to do with connection because I can't seem to unlock the Opulent medal even if I have mastered more than 3 levels (I have now restarted from zero three times and re-mastered +3 levels each time).

Also how can one get the "Pent-up" medal? Make a pentuple (5 rows?), when the pieces have 4 blocks? Or are there bigger shapes later? Just asking because nobody has unlocked that medal.

Edit: Thanks for replying. I switched browser from Opera to Chrome and finally managed to save my progress!
...and this also unlock the Opulent medal. :)

Edit 2: Bad news: Since my above comment written yesterday, all my progresses have disappeared again! I had played the tutorial on several browsers (Opera, Chrome, Firefox & Edge) for testing purposes and now, the next day, they are all reset to zero. So I'll give up advancing, but I'm a bit weary of constantly having to re-play the tutorial, is there anyway to skip it?

BryceSummer responds:

Thanks for the review!

Regarding the save progress: Newgrounds has a bad habit of losing track of cookies/saved data whenever I update the game (which I've done a few times now to fix bugs). I'm not sure if there's a workaround or anything I can do to fix that(I've sent a PM to Tom about this before)... Sorry!

I'll double check to make sure the opulent medal is working -- according to the api page there are people who have unlocked it. EDIT: I can confirm it is working, it's awarded when you load the world map screen and have 3 or more levels mastered.

You can get a pentuple line with 4 blocks if one of the lines is vertical, while the other 4 are horizontal. There's also 5 and 6 piece blocks later on :).

I just like it

Great game! Nice relaxing soundtrack and intuitive controls :)


I have a little problem though: The colors are sometimes equal to the color of the block. For example, If the blocks are red, the background sometimes becomes too red to distinguish the blocks.

BryceSummer responds:

Thanks for the review! If you're having problems with the colored background blending in, there is an option in the settings to disable it :).

Excellent, I'm a big fan of tetris games and this one is both new in gameplay and addictive. However, I've had an issue with saves...I wonder if Newgrounds keeps a save on accounts or if I'll have to start over everytime I try to play because that's what happened lately :/

BryceSummer responds:

Hey thanks! Unfortunately newgrounds seems to lose everyone's saves when I upload a new update(to fix bugs and whatnot). The last update I did I added a feature (accessible from the button on the top left area of the world map) to let you manually backup your own save data.