Clicked on this exclusively because of the title. Pretty funny little proof of concept, though its sort of buggy, had to refresh my browser at one point because of the sheer amount of shit on screen lol. Regardless, fun idea.

cthrn responds:

Yeah the game gets pretty slow lmao
It runs a lot better when it's not in-browser, and just an exe. It's my first html5-compatible game I've done, so I don't know how to optimize very well. I'm glad you played it though!

Uhmm i like it XD

So funny! My best was 4156.
I love the perfect control sensitivity, and the fact that the bullets are easy to see.

THAT IS very well done And also welcome to new grounds new friend!

cthrn responds:

Hi! Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm glad you enjoy my game!

It's basically the infinite cliff racers mod from Morrowind mixed with a bullethell. Pretty cool.

cthrn responds:

I've actually never played Morrowind! This game was super inspired by Nuclear Throne though. There's an enemy in that game that will spawn a bunch of little tiny enemies when they die, and I thought it'd be fun to make a whole game designed around that.
Thank you for the feedback though! I'm glad you enjoyed my game~