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Reviews for "Exam doodle 1"

I see this art...



It's really interesting, I can't say it has many things wrong with it but the only thing I can find that is a little awkward is the bottom bones, the quality of the top ones are amazing yet does bones look really rushed, try to fix it. DId you break the exam to take a picture of that? Did the teacher see it?


Were you playing Dead Space?

nice concept

Looks like it got burned somehow, seems like there might be a story behind that. Did you draw that ON the test? If so how much did you get on the test?

Rig responds:

Yeah, I drew it on the test, lol. I got a 90-something I think.
The edges aren't burned. Or maybe they are. I forget. It might just be my webcam.

Huh, Interesting...

Y'know I think not scanning this thing made the picture more cooler. Not to mention for a crappy webcam it actually added more life to it. So yeah nice job!