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Reviews for "Erolon: Dungeon Bound - 0.12-Alpha"

I think the game is good in every way, I just have a request... could you make the dick a little more big? it's rather small... very small. That's all I think, the rest of the game is doing very well.

Nice. A little short, but the art is good and sounds like a solid storyline. The text animations are a little slow, can be a bit of a slog, but not terrible. The main challenge will likely be balancing combat to remain challenging and interesting, without turning people away or becoming a grind fest.

I do not want to play a game, ANY GAME, where you are clearly masterbaiting to your own text. Jesus fuck man why would you ever hide your game behind a wall of boring text?

"I could of sworn" = I could HAVE sworn*
Might be a good idea to make the backspacing linked to the backspace key, escape is not very intuitive.
And a question: will the story be completely linear? Or will you, for instance, be able to choose which romance options to pursue and which not to pursue? Not all people may be into furries.
And perhaps the ability to customise characters more would be cool, like changing hair/fur/skin colour and the colour of clothing/armour.
The art looks great already though, and the rest seems very promising too.

SexCurseStudio responds:

All characters have optional romance. You can choose a platonic route with them, if you so wish. Glad you are enjoying the art thus far!

I was talking to the wolf lady and she agreed to join the team, but a bit after that while talking the text started to flicker and wouldn't progress, after clicking a few more times the whole screen is now flickering and I'm unable to do anything, the soundtrack changed though, as such I can't grade it a whole lot just yet.

SexCurseStudio responds:

Hm, we haven't seen that issue before. It may have possibly been the Newgrounds server.