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Reviews for "Erolon: Dungeon Bound - 0.12-Alpha"

no text

SexCurseStudio responds:

Did you press the H button on your keyboard or the hide interface button (appears as an eye icon)? This hides the interface, including the text box.

That may explain why you aren't seeing the text in game. Currently, skipping while the text box is hidden means you'll still be able to see the name window, this will be fixed in the next build so that skipping will automatically make the interface re-appear.

Pressing the H button or clicking on where textbox should be will toggle the visibility of the text box. Can you try that and see what happens?

nice game

obviously characters attack in order but there was one time where didn't know who was attacking and i didn't use a skill when i should of, maybe have some kind of indication for who is currently up to attack?

SexCurseStudio responds:

We'll look at improving who is currently active in the turn. Right now the currently active character is indicated by their character art appearing opaque, while the others are transparent.

Looks great so far... I mean, for this build. I can't wait until the next build comes out

May I suggest some fetishes people may want to see but are too shy to ask for their selves? Pregnancy, different sized bust, different skin tones for player/NPC's (Could be considered in Customization)...

This game has so much potential and has great art to boot. 100% keeping my eye on this project.