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Reviews for "Lust Quest: Cannie"

I feel like this game should be a 4/5 but it takes a bit of running around in circles in order to level up high enough to face the 2K boss, so I take a point off for boring me for several minutes.

Leveling up is also pretty lame because it devalues the erogenous zones mechanic as long as the PC is sufficiently leveled. Ditto for finding all the erogenous zones, there's insufficient reward to do so.

The male/female option for the rest scene is pretty great, probably my favorite part of game.

Edmang responds:

Valid complaints, thanks for the feedback. I hope to do a better job balancing the game in the future. I'm also look at a few ways to tweak leveling so it's less grindy.

I like the Idea, I like the art, and the Music is great! also the gameplay is good, I enjoyed it.

Great so far keep it up.

A good start, I like the art, it could use a little more lewdness from the characters you "fight" like when you "beat" one they lay down or something instead of just disappearing.

Edmang responds:

This is something that several people on the discord channel have been suggesting. I'm looking into ways that would leave the characters on screen, but not get in the way of navigating and doing stuff on the map. This should be addressed on the next chapter of the game.

love the idea and even if its short, had fun