Reviews for "The Grim Reaper Show"

That Was So Funny! Good Job Man!

The animation was nice! I could acutally tell what he was sayin the whole time, BadAss Sound! It has really Fuckin Funny Hummor Man! I loved it! Keep up the Work! Kick Ass!

Too Funny

Left testicle...Heh, heh.

good shit

you make some good shit, best in newgrounds, keep up the good work

You Rip That Ass

if this does not make it to the front page.....
the new grounds master will be proklamed shit head by me for the resr of eturnity!!!!!1


This movie is an amazing masterpiece. In my opinion one of the best Newgrounds movies!
I prefer this one over the second episode. I really hope to see a third one too.
It's amazing how this kid comes up with all those great ideas!