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Reviews for "Bulugh"

A very nice game as usual ! I never said that but I love your art style,I could recognize it among a hundred different ones. I mean there's a reason as when I used "quit" in Nongunz for the first time and got to the Player's Room I thought -"Wait! I've already seen this before !". Very colorful,very unique !

Now the Earthbound influence is pretty clear with the combat sections' background,nice touch. However the combat was tidious to go through,slow(mostly for me as the combat sections were super laggy with my computer,while the rest of the game was fluid),and a bit too repetitive. And so because of that I sadly didn't go through the entire game .

The music again by Beicoli,she has to be a friend of yours as she made music in a lot of your games,including Nongunz. A game which I can't explain how much love its OST. And here in Bulugh the strong point is more of her voice ( which is really beautiful and touching by the way ), than the instrumental.
Not a game I would replay,but it's still a good game for a gamejam with awesome and colorful visuals,boring combat,and nice music.

Anyway,keep it up,and keep improving,I love your work !
I'll be waiting for Brainwash Gang's "Damnview" than.Who knows when it's coming ?,I'll be waiting for it anyway.

4 stars


Verzinsky responds:

Hey, just uploaded a more optimized version for the combat... If you want to try it again, it should go smoother... :)