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Reviews for "Bulugh"

Ehhhhh. The concept was nice and it all looked great, but the battle system was pretty ass and pointless. I ended up just not talking to people because all I had left was the worthless Therapist.

im giving this 5 stars just for featuring the danishg language

This game is great in overall, except the card battles.
And the fact you have to start all over again if you get out of cards is too frustrating

Yeah... constant card fights...

Gorgeous art style. Utterly broken and unintelligible combat system. DANISH OUT OF NOWHERE? (that's a first, but hey, en gang skulle jo være den første).
The game has a pretty nice atmosphere, and there's a few funny details here and there, but all in all, the game is kinda broken. I get that this was for ludum dare, so the feeling of playing something unpolished stems from that.
I rate this 4/5 almost entirely on atmosphere, art, and to a lesser extent humor.
I get that the concept revolved around the cards being future job prospects or dreams, and that these were broken when they were worn down too much, and as cool as that idea is, it just feels halfbaked in execution. Almost as if you figure out that it's the intent, but then nothing more really comes of it and it doesn't connect with how you play the game at all. Whatever cards you use are the ones that get destroyed, so in that sense, the chances you never take are the ones that come true? Maybe I just don't get it.
That being said, I had a pretty good laugh when I realized how the therapist card was supposed to be played, but it was pretty shitty even then. It's kinda like the Pokemon games, only the damaging moves are really worthwhile in the end.