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Reviews for "Bulugh"

Edit: Ok, I was able to play this game once I switched to Firefox. Didn't work in Chrome. Anyway, it was interesting and quite easy to beat once I stopped trying to defeat everyone with limited cards.

Very nice game, it took a few fights to figure out the battle mechanic but it was certainly an innovative one and the gameplay really meshed well with the overall message and story.

Very nice film

So here was a nice film you have here with some amazing graphics and detail dont see the need for any changes here on this one, Now from your Standpoint Its always nice to have a good finish on this one, And as we do come to the end part of the review and movie I have enjoyed your efforts and so on

dont see the need for any changes here on this one,


Uh, I LOVe the art and the music, but really? It's clunky because it uses that UI-thing or whatever where it takes over the screen.

I love it. the concept of childhood in its essence. the fact that you really don't need to fight everyone to finish the mission but we still try to, states how we were as a child. if you fight everyone you have the possibility to lose without even finishing the game (or your task in this matter) which is to find the card thief.