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Reviews for "Stick Fight Intro"

Surprisingly solid work here! Stickfigure action like the old days, with some real variation with how they interact with their environment, and eventually: break that fourth wall. Feels like you could work on this longer and make a more complete piece out of it, but for what it is: pretty good!


RetroMaple responds:

Haha thanks, glad you liked it. Surprised u liked the interactions between the characters despite the reality that this was all improv, no storyboards.
I was contemplating making longer fight animations in future, perhaps similar to this one, but I'm swamped with project work as of right now. So, that will have to wait for at least a couple more months. But hey, thanks again!

Nice stickmen animation there.I wouldn't put the whole thing as in intro however,way too long,people just want to get to the actual video. A 5-7 seconds is way better.
But in anyway,keep it up !


RetroMaple responds:

Ah sorry I think the animation name is a little misleading. This was supposed to be somewhat like a standalone short animation that I will use as the opening 2D animation in my demoreel for school, not exactly like a video intro. But I completely understand where you're coming from that should i want to make a video intro, that this would be WAY too long. Thanks for the criticism though, still appreciated :)


Love the action of this would have loved some more backround to this maybe even amke this a tad bit longer So these stick movies and adventures are pretty nice "SOME-REALLY-NICE-VISUAL-POINTS" here with this stick movie has some nice scenes going on with it you make it interesting and not just some stick flick like the rest, theres a few fun twists in this one so nice adventure here.

would have loved some more backround to this maybe even amke this a tad bit longer