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Reviews for "JOURNEY"

Really nice level designs.

Through I would advise to avoid system keys (Shift, Ctrl, Alt..) as those are generally used by the system. Eg: By default on windows, if you quickly taps Shift 3x, a popup asks if you want to enable sticky keys. This requiers admin privileges to disable. So... that popup makes the level where I need to quickly get all the red dots impossible so I'll have to give up.

Still GJ, even if I couldn't play all the levels.

175 deaths, 17 minutes 43 secocnds

very classic platformer with cool designed levels. But I don't like why I cant jump with up arrow key, also shift and spacebar for dash and jump? why not put the controls on w, a s, d? and just shift for dash

47 deaths, ~8 minutes.

Really nice short game. Reminded me a lot of Celeste. Especially the music.

Woah! This is a really cool platformer! I really like it's simplicity. The background creates fantastic visuals with those gradients and moving circles. The gameplay is also really epic, I feel like a superhero with that dash ability ^_^
That's a really nice game ;)