Reviews for "[FUTA] Public Sex - Sweetie Fucks Rarity"

How you can do this :0

Look at him go xP
Really nailing his brother with that hyper dick heh.
Eye motion was good. Flowed pretty well too.
But overall pretty much everything you'd expect from a "hyper dude with tits" animation.

Am scoring a bit below average, but mostly as it's really "just another one". It is totally okay for what it is though.

Not a fan of MLP, but I can't ignore a super awesome animation when I see one. Everything was so smooth and such lovely angles. This was amazing.

Some of the best animations I've seen. Love me some bouncy ponies. <3

He-Hey man good to see you again now that Tumblr is screwed up, looking forward for more of your amazing work.

Speaking of which, really good work on this one!