Reviews for "TAMUTU"

This was truly an amazing and surprising experience, despite the game being short. While it was suggested that "something was wrong" from the very beginning, nothing was left obvious to the player and managed to deliever an interesting short lore and story, making a very good use of the "cute but actually dark" concept.
The gameplay was enjoyable as well and offers a decent challenge that is neither too unforgiving nor too easy. In other words, it's fairly balanced. However, while I managed to beat the game entirely, I would like to point out that, perhaps, it would be a good idea to adjust the hitboxes due to the amount of action that doesn't give enough time to worry about the player's hitbox. That could, however, be a design choice, which I will not judge.
The audio quality is pretty good, as well as the musics that, despite being only two, short tracks, can be heard for a while. In this category, my recommendation would be allowing the player to not only toggle the audio/music, but to adjust the volume as well, since I wanted to listen to the game, but the audio turned out too loud on my end.
Overall, I can easily give this game a 5 star rating for how it told a short and simple story that remained within the "Sacrifices must be made" theme and added a nice twist to the initially cute atmosphere of the game, alongside an entertaining gameplay.

dietzribi responds:

Thanks for the comprehensive review!
I'm glad that you found the game balanced, that's usually our weak point :P
The hitboxes could definitely use more work! When I made the last boss I realized that the hitboxes are really unforgiving (especially with the explosions) so I refined them until it felt "fair" to me, but without other play testers it's hard to get it to feel perfect :) So thanks for telling me!
On the audio subject... I don't know why GameMaker makes the web version be SOOO loud, the Windows version has much lower volume...
I'll see if I can add music and sfx sliders in some options menu or something.

Thanks for playing!

Completed both sacrifices. Really charming and unique game.

gg brah

im pissed but its cool

I enjoyed it more when it was harder,
This is one of the best LD 42 games imo