Reviews for "Scooby Doo LOST Finale!"

lol , that was unexepected but great animation ;)

Sweet jesus lol

Looking forward to more, do you have a youtube channel?
What was your inspiration behind this?

LeakyBucket responds:

Yeah we got a channel, it's in my profile thing but here's the link anyway https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAZ3IF4SM3EXjaJs5qnIj2w? . What it has other than animations are some couch gaming vids (kind of in the vein of Oney Plays) and a few podcasts, we haven't uploaded much of that sort of content in a while due to various circumstances, but we're planning on getting that ball rolling again.

As far as the inspiration, me and Logan/Minty were marathoning Scooby Doo Mystery Inc, and he started laughing really hard because he misheard a comment I made, he thought I said, 'Shaggy, I'm becoming MORE perfect." Anyways, we came up with a really stupid scenario off that bit and decided to animate it. TLDR; good times with friends.

Chzo mythos?

This was cool and dark.
If the regular show was more like this, I wouldnt have avoided it my entire childhood.

The animation was rough but good.

LeakyBucket responds:

Mystery Incorporated was not far from this.