Reviews for "Tetris (Rock Version)"

Everyone eventually succumbs to it...

You just had to make a Tetris remix, didn't you? Every gamer/musician has tried. Many have failed. Fortunately, you sir have not. This was actually quite pleasant to the ear, and not at all like those other "generic" remixes. You took a video game classic and made it your own. Props, man.

Your fan,

Pure awesome.

I really like the feel that this song has. It's mellow but it still rocks, but on the softer side. I am a metal fan, but if you listen to metal all of the time, you are unreal. You can't have that aggression that metal has all of the time, so this song is way up there.


This sounds absolutely amazing, better than most ive heard, not too fast, but not too slow, at the perfect pace and an amazing sound, this was absolutely amazing


Nearly scared me out ofmy seat with the sudden start! lol
Pretty cool song, I like it.

this is fuuny

makes me feel like a hippy lol and make me feel triping mannn