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Reviews for "itsallinyourheaditsallinyourheaditsallinyourheaditsallinyourheaditsallinyourheaditsallinyourheaditsa"

The stakes were very unclear and I didn't find it very interesting. I wasn't sure what the eyes were doing to me, and when I didn't hide from them nothing bad happened so ignored them. I understand that this is a representation of anxiety, but I don't see anything in the gameplay that tells me that. I didn't feel threatened, rushed, or panicked in any way, and I wasn't sure what else to do other than keep moving. My game ended with a dark screen after crawling (maybe I died and didn't realize, and if so that would be another issue) and I didn't see what that ending had to do with anxiety. Maybe I just don't get it, but I wasn't a fan of this one.

Well I kept going right and ended up with a "wavy-ish" screen. At this point any input is pointless (pun not intended)

Epilepsy walking simulator, the game!

oh ok then pretty strange but thats expected cause of the name

i am sorry, but this need a seizure warning :( its really important

AwkwardSilenceGames responds:

Good shout.