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Reviews for "itsallinyourheaditsallinyourheaditsallinyourheaditsallinyourheaditsallinyourheaditsallinyourheaditsa"

The game suddenly ended and I can't tell if it was a bug or working as intended. I like the visuals (I'd like them a lot less if I was epileptic), the audio was grating for the first few minutes.

I can't tell if you just wanted to mess around and bother people with a game or were actually trying to make something about anxiety.

was okay
sudden ending is confusing

I get how some parts of this can be seen as anxiety-related, such as the part with the eyes and the falling, but it really wasn't anything that special about it, or anything that would help someone understand what anxiety is like. It might be better if there were more high-tension moments or a bit more going on with the sound, since you did recommend headphones. not all that great, but okay I GUESS.

It's really choppy, but I can't tell if that was supposed to be what happened. Also, it just cut to black and I dunno why.

oh ok then pretty strange but thats expected cause of the name