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Reviews for "itsallinyourheaditsallinyourheaditsallinyourheaditsallinyourheaditsallinyourheaditsallinyourheaditsa"

The screen is just static but there is no sound.
Its just gray/grey. Did I finish the game?

seizure warning? cant be that bad
me, brain, and eyes : WHAT THE FAYAS

oh cool. im in a cave. wierd pixels. wonder what it would look like with 3d glasses. do i mess with the fire.......nope. exit cave. whoa. dont wanna fall off the cliff. is there a rope.... nope. am i sure i dont mess with the fire...yep nothing. here goes nothing. jumps off ciff.
Beats game. Ummmm....okay. whats my score?

I like how the stickman had a little pixely penis

I felt this one. Hang in there, man, you got this. <3