Reviews for "MINI: K/DA Akali"

Pretty cute art-style! And the pixel art is nice too, though for future games like this, maybe use something other than the default RPG Maker UI? It looks pretty distracting. Overall though pretty nice. Doesn't have to be complex, just something to set it apart.

Oh, So this is the game that you was posting about? Nice.

The art style is very cute and I really like how this character looks. Can't really get into this game though because this type of NSFW content just isn't my thing. However, I agree with the others that the screen size should be much smaller and the animations can get rather repetitive. All in all, it's pretty good.

The animations are repetitive, it's hardly fapable because you have to keep clicking in order for anything to happen, and JESUS FUCK what is with the screen size??? You have to zoom out to nearly 40% just to see the whole screen.

oh, i thought you died. cool that you didnt i guess