Reviews for "Dungeon of Sacrifice- Ludum Dare 43"

Who needs knowledge, anyway?

Great game about sacrifice and gain. BTW, I faces a series of chests,all requiring me to sacrifice my legs. After that, I became a sniper,but moved as turtle. In another game, I sacrificed my torso and half of the wounds for head,I became very fast and shot as if I was holding a rifle,making the boss fight easy. The randomization makes the game complicated yet fun.
However,there are questions concerning moving .It might be my fault, but should there be any chances that I am able to go back to rooms I conquered,in cases I miss a chest? I actually did lost a chest because I couldn't go back as I was avoiding projectiles and accidentally "traveled" to the next room.

And what the hell am i supposed to do there?

This game is surprisingly incredible. My first impression was pretty meh, but once I got it, it was a blast. Also, taking down the final boss was incredibly stressful, I'm just grateful I never took damage beforehand.

Good concept, no sound.