Reviews for "Eco-logical"

Nope... I didn't understand anything, sorry.

You know, this could become something really good if you invest a little more.
Make a menu, do a short tutorial, create more cards with fun and interesting relationships, add some sounds... just throwing ideas really.

Definitely interesting concept, it feels like the game is a bit too short and a little incomplete. Among other things it could definitely use some more stuff at the end, the most obvious part being that it doesn't have any way to restart the game from the end screen. It would also be nice to keep the score record at the end screen to review what all led to that score. Of course another obvious point to fill it out more would also be the addition of more types of cards. As a whole it's definitely a promising concept and I know I'd enjoy seeing more development of the game.

Nice game, fun to play.

feels like the framework for something really cool. for people who are into these types of games they'll get a real kick out of this one, just needs a bit more content to stay invested