Reviews for "PINGAS Dubstep (WIP)"

good.. xD i put for my intro

Nice dubstep! When was the last time that 2 of your songs are featured at the same time?

Dootz responds:

The last time this happened... Damn, almost a year. But that other song was a collab with @Bertn1991. He's a great composer. I suggest you check out his music as well.

Sounding better every time I hear from you. The fact you're pulling these sounds out of something other than Massive blows me away. Looking forward to hearing the full track! Could be a bit more gritty bit-crushy high end on your drop and a little more going on in the background, but I love this meme and I'm certainly not complaining. Grats on feature, and also the popularity your music has gotten of late. Keep at it! <3

Dootz responds:

Thank you for the review.
Totally agree, but I rushed this just to get a basic idea out there.
But the key to brutal sounds isn't always the VST. Sometimes it's good to layer multiple synths with varying note lengths. And use some LFO. I recommend TAL-Filter (not TAL-Filter 2). Set it to saw or square and turn the rate knob all the way up (or close to it). A lot of the sounds in dubstep sound like layered sounds, so that's what I did, though I did throw one sound sample in there. And don't be afraid to throw an 808 bass in for the subs.

XxX ThIs G0oD FuSkING ShIt M8 XxX

I can't believe someone made a song out of PINGAS.

Dootz responds:

lmao you're too kind. Wait until you hear the finished version :D