Reviews for "PINGAS Dubstep (WIP)"

Nice dubstep! When was the last time that 2 of your songs are featured at the same time?

SithSeth responds:

The last time this happened... Damn, almost a year. But that other song was a collab with @Bertn1991. He's a great composer. I suggest you check out his music as well.

good.. xD i put for my intro

Drop is pretty good for dubstep, but I really don't like the intro that much. The bass used fits in the drop, not an intro. Snare isn't powerful enough (but I'm sure you know that). Your build is like 5 seconds long which isn't enough to be honest.

Gotta say I love how you used the samples from sonic though. They fit well and bring back memories. Good times.

SithSeth responds:

Thanks for the helpful review!
I know the buildup wasn't long enough, but I kinda rushed this just to get it uploaded as a WIP. Plus I suck at buildups.

Drums should be more powerful (kicks, snares) and wobbles harder.

SithSeth responds:

I agree. I'm working on it. Thanks for the review!

That was actually pretty good, great job! this is one of your most improved dubstep tracks that I heard.

Intro could have more work put towards it though, only a suggestion. But overall, that's pretty good job.
Hopefully this year I can upload some more improved music :\ I didn't get a lot of good feedback in 2016 and most of them wasn't helpful.

SithSeth responds:

Thank you.
Yeah, I'm gonna do a lot more with this. Probably a longer buildup and a little more variety in the drop.
Good luck with your future projects, I suggest possibly a different DAW and a look at some tutorials on YouTube. I made this with Mixcraft, just saying.