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Reviews for "Lapis x Jasper (18+ loop)"

Does have a slight style issue in that Jasper has a different design than Lapis. Its like they are made with different anime-esque designs. It's not too distracting. But they don't seem made by the same artist. (Primarily the eyes and mouth)

Aside from that, there's some issues with Lapis's buttocks , along with lacking an anus. And her gem seems to be slightly out of angle.
As for Jasper, giving him a stylized dick looks pretty well. As with most of your genderswaps. He's not as hyper as most though. Almost proportionate even. His balls transiton a little weird though, curve wise. But otherwise most joints look pretty good.

If you put like, 20 % of the effort you put into the dudes orgasm, your claim that they have simultaneous orgasms would be a lot more convincing btw. Actions speak louder than empty words.

great loop but the thrusting doesnt last long enough

very very well done face expressions, next time make jester wilder 7v7

Who wouldn't want to nut in Lapis

oohh yuiss