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Reviews for "Penguins Don't Fly"

Great work
- the music selection really helped to convey the icy feeling of the arctic
-the story was told perfectly without ever saying a word
-the animation was clean good framing and spacing of time
-the art style feels like it needs some polish and consistency but i know that comes with practice

WINprince responds:

Thank you friend!

So he gave up his dream, but it was fine after all...

Even though it ends well it just feels sad somehow. Was expecting it to be like an animated, isolated, simpler version of Happy Feet without all the focus on the feet, but this was really different after all. I like the sound. I like the style. I'm not as fond of the heavy melancholy that goes with it, but you do capture that emotion... wanting something and never getting it... way of life. Seems to follow suite with the story of how it came to be too.

Also really do wonder what mood it might've evoked with the original music.


WINprince responds:

Thank you so much for you comment friend, I'm sorry that in the end it made you feel sad, I wasn't aiming for that lol. but I'm glad you like it :)

by the by, this is the original song that was meant to go with the clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NrnDQaDPrs

Apparently, the penguin in this video tried to take notes from the penguin that starred in the Learn To Fly series from Kongregate... And failed miserably. Heh. Well shit.


lol. i see somebody's been playing Learn 2 Fly too much, eh? or maybe i should blame the penguin. really cute animation though. not exactly smooth but not exactly jerky either, really: can't find the right word for it (my bad). a bit cheesy, and ftr, a biplane is cheating. xD

i feel bad for the poor guy though, and i'm not sure i like the give-up-and-snow-ball-fight ending. just doesn't feel right. also, looked more like a butt-slide across/through the snow at 1:15. a bit odd. made me laugh, it was funny, but didn't seem right either.

worth the few minutes i spent watching and typing though. thanks.

WINprince responds:

Thnak you for the comment friend! And people keep saying this reminding them Learn 2 fly and I still have no idea what they are reffering to lol