Reviews for "Christmas ADVENTure 2018"


i beat the game

cute. pity i didn't get around to lookin at anything until yesterday. i didn't even realize i could move around until today. had to press movement keys fifty times to get to the first box.
merry effin' xmas, blastvortex. merry effin' xmas to all players.

*deletes medals from account*

well, pardon me for criticizing a game that takes several minutes to figure out you can actually do anything or go anywhere. that's not my fault: the PC moves, like, a micrometer every time you press a button. i only knew something worked because i mashed the keyboard and found myself in the igloo.

as for the game concept, even if i'd known about this thing on the 1st, it's highly doubtful i would've gotten around to logging in every day to open a new present. i might come as a shock to you kids, but a lot of people have their own daily lives, and their own projects on top of that, so i take this game as a giant "%$#@ you" because that's what it is. i don't exactly have the greatest memory in the world either, so i probably would've forgotten anyway. that's what happens when you grow up, so get a clue.

furthermore, seeing as the actual advent doesn't start until the fourth Sunday of the month and the gift giving until after the 25th, i'm guessing that any person that actually believes in that kinda stuff would probably take offence at your shallow view of the holiday, or the fact that you know nothing of the religion you're supposedly trying to parody. try again.

BrandyBuizel responds:

Oh shit! I'm so sorry, we were gonna make a titlecard that specifies that you can in fact move in this game but then an anonymous voice in the crowd said "**** it" and like sheep we followed.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

whats up with the sass Brandy

EDIT: Brandy u fukker stfu
mr blastvortex i would like to apologize for brandys reply, just know that I myself do appreciate your review.

sundae responds:

this is a good review

Merry Christmas, and take this gift of.. 5.5 stars!

Merry Christmas!!!

ninjamuffin99 responds:

can my gift be more stars pls


BrandyBuizel responds:

ninjamuffin's gonna get a visit from the krampus demanding like that