Reviews for "Christmas ADVENTure 2018"

Nicely done. Haha too bad I can't go back and get the medals for the last 5 days. Aw well I can always come by and collect the remainder of the medals. A simple game to help set the mood of the holidays, with some good art work to see and cheerful music to listen too. Christmas is going to be a little more sweeter because of this.

Nicely done, i hope all of you guys have a great Christmas.

Huge respects. Merry Christmas to everyone who worked on this and Happy Holidays to all!

This is honestly the most wholesome flash game I think I've ever seen on this site. It works really well at getting you into that Christmas feeling, with that cozy music and the snow slowly falling down, next to that giant, undecorated (as I'm typing this) tree.
The gradual adding of classic Newgrounds characters is also really, really appreciated. I don't speak for everyone on this site, obviously, but it's always nice to see Pico, Captain, the Madness grunt, and that goddamn clock inside of a strawberry. I really like the detail of the snow sculptures representing Behemoth, it's really sweet. Additionally, I think it's awesome that a bunch of artists got together to help make this happen. Newgrounds has always had a pretty great community, and there's no better time to show that than the holiday season. All the art pieces are great, I think my favorite one so far is SuperPhil's festive picture of Salad Fingers and his merry gang.
Only caveat I have is a minor one that'd probably be difficult to add in; it'd be really cool if you could interact with the characters in some way. Even just tiny things, like having a chat bubble showing what they want for Christmas, or what they got when Christmas rolls around. It's not a severe flaw by any means, just a "mite b cool" type of thing.
I'm gonna keep checking this out for the next 19 days, it's really endearing. Hope everyone has a merry Christmas when the time comes!

Update for 12/25/18: It's here! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

ninjamuffin99 responds:

Thank you for this review it is very good.

And on that interaction with the characters bit, it wouldnt be ridiculously hard to implement, but it's more about finding something really cool to do with it. We don't want the interactions to take away from the focus of the collab, which is for people to come back daily to look at ART, but we also want something meaningful that would add to the feeling and spirit of the collab. However that chat bubble with what they want could be something.

This is a pretty great idea! It looks nice too. Nice work!