Reviews for "Enchanted Path"

Not a bad game, good music, Level 26 was my limit though.

It's a nice little puzzle game, but it isn't much more than a "meh" out of 10. I feel you could have done more with the mechanics you presented since the game was a tad short and most levels were overly easy (with the exception of 1 or 2 levels).

There are also some notorious flaws with the game that make it less enjoyable than it should have been:

* Difficulty progression is poorly thought out, there are a few difficulty spikes with very interesting levels that are surrounded by bafflingly easy ones. The biggest example is level 26 (which is arguably the hardest one to figure out) being then followed by level 27 which is far easier and then 3 levels that feel they should have been placed within the first 10.

* Diagonal controls make for a pleasing aesthetic, but also make for confusing keyboard controls if done incorrectly, pressing up and going in an unintuitive diagonal up-left is just bad control design. You could've made it so you actually had to press up + left to go in that direction and it would have worked perfectly. I ended up using the click controls due to how confusing is adapting to keyboard controls.

And here are some minor nitpicks:

* I had to re-do levels 26 to 30 multiple times because the medals weren't working.

* Level 26 has a bug were if you step out of a cage right into a pit the puppet gets frozen mid-air until you step on a purple switch. It doesn't affect the solution though.

* The flat grey background is super boring and doesn't fit the soothing music and simple graphics. There is no need to make a complicated background, but a few colors and effects here and there wouldn't hurt. Idea: make the background change colors as you progress through the game so the player has a better sense of progression.

The good stuff:

* Gameplay elements are intuitive and easy to get into but with the potential to make more complex puzzles in the future.

* The simple graphics, music and sound effects are very pleasant and fit perfectly the tone you wanted to give the game.

It's a decent game, but with it's defects and unexplored potential I can't give it more than a 5/10.

really nice game
level 26 is hard
i could not have passed it if it was for a glitch that i found
or maybe its part of the game
well done

got a bit too hard on level 15, but overall gg

A nice little puzzler with soothing music, attractive graphics and animation... would prefer the entire board in view though. Using the mouse instead of arrow keys worked best for me.