Reviews for "Enchanted Path"

KING-JANS is right.

Other isometric games (Marble Madness, Snake Rattle 'n Roll, Q*Bert, etc...) have right arrow move you down-right, up arrow move you up-right, left arrow move you up-left, and down arrow move you down-left. As if you grabbed your controller and tilted it 45 degrees clockwise, rather than 45 degrees counter-clockwise as this game does.

Good thing you can click on the arrows because with the current control scheme that's about the only way the game is playable for veterans of other isometric games.

Overall pretty good. it's not the first game to use arrows for diagonal movement, but I have the feeling that in most games the controls are turned 90 degrees to the right. in other words most other games are: UP ARROW moves up to the right, instead of up to the left. LEFT is then up to the left, etc. That is more natural for me. I don't know if it has anything to do with being right or left-handed. Maybe just add the option for both possibilities?

Looks cool! But. Dude, i can't deal with the load time. It'll take forever to load!

I agree with most of the other comments. The puzzle mechanics are really nice, although I get the feeling that they could be expanded upon a lot more -- there are thirty levels in the game but it almost felt like there was more tutorial than actual challenge (counting the levels after 26 as tutorial). Graphics are nice although some sort of a face would probably have made it a bit better and music was a plus.

Level 26 was pretty evil if it's supposed to be finished the way I did it, and probably how davidpuralocura did. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but it's sure to make some people rage. And 19 can be passed either with a "correct" looking approach or an approach that looks like it should be a fail but takes you to the next level (moves for the failwin approach are DR UL UR DR UR UR UR).

I agree with ercjaeb that I think it'd be nice if we could see where the exit will appear, and ideally also things that make effects unambiguous like where platforms will appear if you walk on a platform that makes them appear, and where teleporters will take you. And if we could see the entire map without moving the character around. But those are small nitpicks.

I didn't have any issues with using arrow keys to control diagonal movement and thought it seemed pretty natural. This might be a case where most people think it's just fine and don't bother to comment about it, while people who it's an issue for are going to comment about it.

And I need to go wash my brain after reading that comment by Thefemaledude, especially with that username.

It would be nice if the would-be exit was marked before it appears. Also, level 26 feels like it should be later.